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To what extent will the increasing global demand for cheese affect European milk production? African swine fever is causing short-term market turbulence, but what will this mean for global competition in the long term? To what extent will demographics and changing consumer needs leave their mark on food markets? Wageningen Economic Research combines quantitative economic models with qualitative research so that we can create market scenarios for a wide variety of different developments. This allows us to identify what the possible impact of current and future trends will be.

In addition to constructing quantitative outlooks, we have a keen eye for technological developments in the agricultural food sector. We develop qualitative scenarios about the potential disruptions that new technologies can create in existing markets and distribution chains. These scenarios can provide a frame of reference for your commercial policy and allow you to determine the extent to which investments or adjustments will be required for your production and commercial activities.

Our scenario studies support your investment choices

We use proven quantitative market models to provide you with insights into future market developments for various agricultural food products and different food markets. This involves both price and volume developments. In the process, we also take account of the impact of agricultural, trade and energy policies as well as your business or sector-specific characteristics. This means that these scenario studies will allow you to make decisions about investments in certain agricultural sectors and areas of production. In addition to these aspects, we also explore the latest trends in nutrition so that you can capitalise on these in due time.

Our market models are extremely suitable for identifying different market opportunities and threats in the medium to long term, especially when they are used in combination with your own organisation’s market insights and specific product knowledge. This means that we will be working closely with your team to build the best possible forecasts of future market developments.

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Why choose Wageningen Economic Research:

  • Evidence-based insights into different market and price scenarios
  • Insights into your unique situation or the sector in which you operate
  • Decades of being a front-runner in innovative global market and consumer research
  • Extensive network of experts and a unique knowledge of global agricultural and food market
  • State-of-the-art economic chain models, as well as financial domain expertise

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