Research infrastructure for health and nutrition

We are facing a significant challenge when it comes to promoting health and reducing lifestyle and nutrition-related illnesses such as obesity. Research into the relationship between behaviour, consumption, value chains and lifestyle is vital to find solutions to these challenges. An unambiguous research infrastructure is needed for the optimal conduct of this research.

  • FNH-RI

One single infrastructure for health and nutrition

This is why we are developing a European research infrastructure for health and nutrition, called the Research Infrastructure for Food, Nutrition and Health (FNH-RI)). With this infrastructure, Wageningen University & Research, in collaboration with various partners in a variety of projects, is creating a virtual environment in which information and data resulting from the research can be combined, harmonised, validated, compared and linked.

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Faster insight and innovative answers

This results in new and substantiating insights and shows us which themes we still know too little about, allowing us to instigate processes to close these gaps in the knowledge. In these projects we can connect experts from various domains in our search for new answers.