Data-driven business modelling

The Internet of Things holds a big promise to boost digital innovation in the agriculture and food sector. For example, it allows for precision farming and for improving quality monitoring throughout the value chain.

Yet, companies must adjust their standard operating procedures and make large up-front investments to realise data-driven innovations. Moreover, recurring investments will be needed to keep up with new developments, stay ahead of the competition and not be disrupted for staying behind. For this reason, many organisations search for solid data-driven business models that they can implement to benefit from digital innovation.

What we can do for you

At Wageningen Economic Research we can help you to find and implement a suitable business model. As with many business challenges there is not one simple answer on what business model a company or other organisation should apply to be successful. Business scientists have come up with hundreds of business model alternatives and many of these could be applied in data-driven businesses. The variety of options may inspire you but will probably leave you with more questions than answers.

Because we are coordinating many large-scale programmes and projects on digital innovation, we have built a considerable track-record on facilitating both single companies and consortia of businesses and other organisations in this search process. In these projects, we combine the domain and sector expertise of Wageningen University & Research with the business innovation expertise gained throughout many digital innovation trajectories.

Do you want to know how we can help you to move forward? Contact our experts so that we together can innovate your business through data.


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