Towards an inclusive & sustainable economy

One of the biggest challenges facing global society today is the provision of food, water, energy, healthcare and other resources and services to a world with an increasing population, in the face of mounting environmental stresses and rising inequality. There is a need for circular and resilient food systems that close material flow loops in the complete supply chain from farmers to consumers and back. This should be done in a resource efficient manner that includes all relevant actors.

Supporting society, government and industry

Wageningen Economic Research focuses on the social, economic and environmental aspects of these challenges within the food nexus. We provide government authorities with monitoring, evaluations, outlooks and policy scenarios, and support industry by facilitating the sustainability of supply-chain and company processes. This way we actively contribute to the Paris Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and COP21 climate targets.

Challenges and research strategies

Towards an inlcusive sustainable economy

Based on agricultural roots

From our agricultural basis, we make essential contributions to food security, climate and environmental policy through the formulation of future scenarios and the application of integrated assessment methods that unify micro and macro methods, as well as economic, behavioural and biophysical models. We contribute with cutting-edge research and through the monitoring and implementation of sustainability analyses to policy decisions for industry, foundations and government authorities. This way, we facilitate the transition from a linear to a circular economy.