Public Use of Facilities

Do you need laboratory facilities, but do you think they are too expensive to maintain? Or do you want to let your own personnel perform experiments, but don't you have the necessary facilities? The Soil Hydro-Physics Laboratory gives you the opportunity to use its climate controlled rooms and associated equipment for general use.

Who can make use of the lab facilities?

All interested people not related to Wageningen University & Research, or users not belonging to the fixed group of lab users within Wageningen University & Research can make use of the facilities. For an overview of the terms of use and the costs please refer to the Orders web page.

Why do we make our facilities public accessible?

Well-equipped laboratories are of great importance to Wageningen University & Research as our research depends on it. By making the lab widely known as well as public accessible for a small fee, we think this makes us capable to keep the facilities at a higher level of maintenance and in a modern state. In addition, it promotes the mutual exchange of knowledge. Both aspects are beneficial for new users as well as for existing users.


Do you want to make use of the lab, then please contact one of the lab controllers as mentioned in the Contact tab. After consultation we determine the required experiments and the period in which they have to be performed. Once this period is determined it will be compulsory since other reservations must not be affected. Next, the "Gebruiksovereenkomst" must be completed and send to us. We assume you have the right skills to operate the equipment. If not, then we will make a mutual agreement in which we provide you with the needed support to complement your knowledge. The needed forms are available on the Orders web page.

Don't want to do it yourself?

If you rather let our experienced personnel do the experiments, then this is possible at all times. In that case the "Gebruiksovereenkomst" doesn't have to be completed.


If you have any questions, then you are free to contact us via the Contact page.