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Organisation(s) involved in the development of the model

The ANIMO model was originally developed in 1985 by the Institute for Land and Water management Research. The first version of the model was operational in 1985 and ever since its development has continued until the present version. Version 4.0 of the model ANIMO is integrated into the model instrument STONE (Samen Te Ontwikkelen Nutriƫnten Emissiemodel). STONE is a tool for analyzing the impacts of fertilization scenarios on nutrient leaching to groundwater and surface water systems on the Dutch national scale.

The maintenance of the model and the software implementation is financed in the framework of the STONE development (BO-05). For questions about the process formulations, the reader is referred to Mr. P. Groenendijk. For inquiries about new features as transport in cracking clay soils and macroporous peat soils and the emission of green house gasses, one should contact Mr. R. Hendriks.

Information on the programme code or availability of the ANIMO model is obtainable by contacting Mr. L.V. Renaud.


L.V. Renaud
Wageningen Environmental Research
Sustainable soil management
P.O. Box 47; NL 6700 AA Wageningen