The tool BioESoil has been developed by Wageningen Environmental Research and CLM to assess the impacts of bio-energy on soil quality. The development of BioESoil has been commisioned and supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. It takes into account nutrient losses during the bio-energy production process, potential nutrient return with bio-energy production residues and effects on soil organic matter. The tool was developed to have an easy-to-use interface and suits both large and small scale bioenergy users and producers.

Photo:Bio-energy feedstock: sugar cane.

This tool can help bio-energy producers, consultants and certification organisations to determine the impact of bio-energy production on soil fertility and soil organic matter. The tool can be used in bioenergy certification. Furthermore, this tool can help NGOs and other organisations to create awareness for nutrient recovery option in bio-energy use and production.


Download this file and run setup.exe. This will install the tool and the manual. The setup works only on computers with Windows OS.

The tool is designed to be used with Microsoft Excel 2007 and later versions. Nevertheless, the tool can also be used with earlier versions of Excel (97 and later), however the layout of the tool is not optimal then and some error messages may appear, which can be ignored.

Conceptual layout of BioESoil
Conceptual layout of BioESoil