• To review the main national and regional implementation pathways for CC for EU15 and categorize these in implementation ‘families’
  • To identify the expected implementation pathways of CC in the new MS, categorize these into implementation ‘families’ and identify their possible impacts
  • To identify the main possible impacts of CC to be assessed in WP4 and WP5
  • To identify the main information and data (including contextual information) needed to assess the effects of cross-compliance in both EU 15 and new MS
  • To collect information and data for the assessment of the impacts of CC in EU to be used in WP4 and WP5
  • Test and provide input to improve the prototype and final version of the analytical tool developed in WP5
  • Report on the impacts of CC since 2005 at a regional and national level using the assessment results from WP4 and the application of the analytical tool (WP5)