SIMGRO Projects

SIMGRO is currently used by several waterboards and is applied in several projects in the Netherlands as well as abroad. The system can be applied to answer questions like:

  • how does the water system react on extreme events or climate change?
  • where can inundations be expected?
  • how is crop damage caused by inundation geographically distributed?
  • how do groundwater levels react on normal and extreme climatological events?

SIMGRO is particularly useful for the evaluation of effects of water management measures, belonging to the following categories:

  • Surface water management

  • manipulation of open water levels during the growing season and periods of high discharge
  • supply of foreign water through open channels; various options, time-dependent flow rates
  • Drainage- and collector systems

  • densities of networks of ditches and trenches
  • modification of cross-sections of channels
  • allocation of weirs
  • installation of subsurface drainage systems (depth, spacing)
  • intentional routing of drainage effluent through open collectors through specific channel(sections)
  • Water supply for agriculture

  • sprinkling from groundwater
  • sprinkling from surface water
  • Water resources management

  • location(s) and rate of groundwater abstraction for drinking water
  • location(s) and rate of groundwater abstraction for water for industrial use
  • location(s) and rate of groundwater abstraction for greenhouse horticulture
  • Land use

  • replacement of agricultural crops by natural vegetation
  • felling of trees
  • expansion of urban areas into farmland