Smart city

Qualitative good data are essential for developing green cities. Satellites, sensors, cameras, smartphones and social media offer us an incredible amount of data. This data allow us to observe real-time patterns and give us insight in how cities and citizens behave. Social, economic, technical and environmental data offer smart solutions to urban planners and decision-makers as well as companies that invest in green cities.

  • Smart city

Smart solutions for designing green cities

Wageningen uses technologies such as artificial intelligence, open/linked data, remote sensing and geo-information to gather information on cities’ climate, green space and citizens' behaviour, among others. We make such data accessible for urban planners and leaders to facilitate them in the designing process. For example, we use satellite images to analyse the surface of green area in gardens and estimate how much green space is needed for water circulation.

  • Geo-information modelling for urban planning
  • Remote sensing and satellite image data
  • Machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence

Data quality and categorisation

We support companies in developing high quality datasets through fitness-for-use systems. We also cluster and categorise existing datasets to structure them for different customers and end-uses, and use data to analyse trends and distinguish trends from noise.

  • Data categorisation and clustering
  • Optimising data-sets through fitness-for-use systems
  • Analysing city trends, patterns and rhythms
A smart city offers us valuable data that we collect, analyse, categorise and make easily accessible for urban planners and leaders
Marian Stuiver

Human-data interaction

A smart city does not only offer data on the city itself, but also on its citizens. We research how citizens behave, in what patterns and how this corresponds to urban development. For example, we use such data to map tourist flows or create participative apps and games. On the other hand, we involve citizens in data collection through citizen science projects.

  • Citizen science
  • Technology-based participative approach (i.e. apps and games)
  • Mapping routes and tourist flows


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