Climate information services

Businesses and governments are increasingly aware of just how vulnerable our economies are to the impacts of climate change. The financial sector needs to factor in climate risks to be able to identify opportunities to reduce the financial impacts of climate change. Climate information services provide improved indicators and metrics to help investors better manage physical climate risks. Wageningen Environmental Research offers user-driven climate services for awareness-raising, risk and opportunity assessment, and complements climate information with knowledge on adaptation strategies for business. Our core expertise lies in the agri-food and financial sectors.

  • Climate information services

Climate change poses numerous threats to the financial and business community. Most obviously there is the threat of physical damage to property and industry. In addition, however, investing in fossil energy is becoming increasingly unattractive as we transition to a climate-neutral economy. Much of the information on climate risk assessment is not yet available in a form that investors can use.

Information on climate risks for finance and business

Wageningen Environmental Research is developing user-friendly ways of accessing information on physical climate risks, such as heat, drought, extreme rainfall and flooding, which cause increased damage. This information can help investors to make sustainable investment choices and will result in increased investments in low-carbon, climate-resilient infrastructure.