Deliverables BIO_SOS

BIO_SOS will produce a number of deliverables per work package.

Below you can download the already submitted deliverables. The coordinating work package 1 does not result in distinct deliverables but impacts on the overall process.


WP2 User Requirements Completion

  • D2.1 List of indicators (201,55 kb)
  • D2.2 Sites' description (2,32 mb)
  • D2.3 SLA for each site (5,39 mb)

WP3 EODHaM System and service

  • D3.1 Service Design Document (524,22 kb)
  • D3.2 System and SubSystems Architecture Design Document (1,15 mb)
  • D3.3 Design Justification File (224,16 kb)
  • D3.4 Interface Control Document (623,45 kb)
  • D3.5 System Assembly Integration and Qualification Plan (528,14 kb)
  • D3.6 System Test Qualification Procedure (392,22 kb)
  • D3.7 EODHaM system software
  • D3.8 Software User Manual

WP4 On-site data collection

  • D4.1 Pre-existing datasets (2,8 mb)
  • D4.2 Connection to other projects (561,5 kb)
  • D4.3 Protocols for new on-site campaigns (3,77 mb)
  • D4.4 Selection criteria for EO data (2,26 mb)
  • D4.5 Collaborative platform for data sharing (2,22

WP5 EO data processing modules implementation

  • D5.1 Habitat maps (5,07 mb)
  • D5.2 VHR land cover maps (5,51 mb)
  • D5.3 SRC module improvement (3,54 mb)
  • D5.4 Hyperspectral data processing (3,96 mb)
  • D5.5 RS-IUS second–stage modules (1,65 mb)
  • D5.6 Report on change detection modules.pdf (6,88 mb)

WP6 EODHaM modelling modules development

  • D6.1 Correlation between vegetation types (1,29 mb)
  • D6.2 Landscape pattern analysis-state of the art (403,63 kb)
  • D6.3 Pre-evaluation and rank sampling (1,39 mb)
  • D6.4 Landscape Pattern Analysis (2,16 mb)
  • BIO_SOS D6_5_Report on habitat state and ecosystem.pdf (3,79 mb)
  • D6.6 Selected bioindicators (416,93 kb)
  • D6.7 Report on ENM (739,49 kb)
  • D6.8 pressures' impact on habitats, methodology (784,87 kb)
  • D6.9_Framework human impact.pdf (1,44 mb)
  • D6.10 Software for habitat maps production from LC (7,8 mb)
  • D6.11 Rules for indicators extraction
  • D6.12 Indicators extraction software (Restricted)

WP7 EODHaM test on different sampling sites and validation

  • D7.1 System data analysis of Portugal sites
  • D7.2 System data analysis of Greece sites
  • D7.3 System data analysis of Brasil sites
  • D7.4 System data analysis of Italian and Dutch sites
  • D7.5 System/service validation

WP8 Dissemination and and exploitation

  • D8.1 Project web site (202,95 kb)
  • D8.2 Project flyer (2,88 mb)
  • D8.3 Publication of field handbook and web publication of protocols for electronic data gathering
  • D8.4 CDROM summarizing the principal results and the Institutional framework.
  • D8.5 Project Management and Quality Assessment Plan (1,07 mb)
  • D8.6 Technology Implementation Plan
  • D8.7 Cost comparison between traditional and EODHaM integrated approach
  • D8.8 First Policy Brief (273 kb)
  • D8.9 Joint recommendations to BD policies
  • D8.10 Final Policy Brief