WP1 Project Management

WP1 Project Management

WP1 includes the overall co-ordination of project activities, including financial management, organising Consortium meetings, communications with REA and the outside world, submission of project deliverables to REA and preparation of project progress and management reports.

In order to achieve this, the coordinator will be sided by a Coordination Committee (CC, composed of WP leaders, chaired by coordinator) and together they will refer to the General Assembly of Partners. Coordinator & CC will be supported by the Project Management Team (Partner1 staff). The main activities of WP1 are described below.

Task 1.1. Administrative management

  • the administration of the financial contribution to the project regarding its allocation between beneficiaries and
  • activities in accordance with the grant agreement and the decision taken by the Consortium;
  • keeping the records and financial accounts;
  • informing REA of the distribution of the financial contribution to the beneficiaries;
  • the preparation of the report for each reporting period; three reporting periods are scheduled;
  • providing audits where needed;
  • organisation of the Consortium meetings;
  • representation of the Consortium towards REA and all relevant external entities

Task 1.2. Management of consortium activities

The Coordinator has the overall responsibility of the co-ordination and monitoring of the WP leaders’ activities. This task will be carried out in cooperation with the Coordination Committee (CC). Meetings will be combined with other WP meetings or web based. To achieve good co-operation within the consortium, communication and information exchange are very important. In order to realise a clear and smooth communication, a plain set of communication tools will be used. These are:

  • Regular face-to-face meetings with all partners
  • Face-to-face meetings with the EU project Officer; the project Officer will be informally informed about the progress of the BIO_SOS project on regular basis. The project Officer will also be invited to all significant project meetings and events
  • Interim appointments of the project Co-ordinator with individual participants; these can take place as often as necessary
  • Reports for REA: the project Co-ordinator will submit periodic progress reports to REA every 6 months in-between the legal reporting period
  • Deliverables will be submitted when applicable
  • Phone, e-mail and fax communication to enhance a quick and time-saving exchange of appointments, decisions and results; contacts between the partners can take place by these modes, the Project Co-ordinator will act as formal communicator to and with REA
  • Web site open to all interested, including links to related EC sites and discussion facilities. Project results can also be presented on this web site.
  • FTP site to serve as common data repository.