WP4 On-site data collection

WP4 is intended at collecting, harmonizing and sharing pre-existing data on test sites relevant for habitat mapping, and at supplementing existent datasets with new field data from on-site campaigns based on standard protocols.

Spatial and alphanumerical datasets covering Natura 2000 sites are available at multiple spatial scales and contexts, and they can be valuable to support and/or validate EO habitat maps resulting from other WPs in the project. Those datasets include in situ observational records and maps, EO data and products, as well as many types of ancillary datasets, resulting from previous local, regional or national surveys (e.g. habitat maps) and European projects (e.g. CLC maps). This WP is identifying, locating, collecting, organizing, harmonizing, evaluating and analysing such datasets for the Natura 2000 sites which will be used as test areas in the several countries. It will also provide a collaborative platform for sharing such datasets among project partners and with other projects.

Pre-existing datasets will be supplemented by new data on the spatial patterns of habitats and their biodiversity, collected on-site through the field application of standard protocols, which have been developed in this WP. Communication and sharing of data, methods and experience with other projects have been most valuable in developing efficient protocols and in delivering the most updated and diverse datasets for inter-calibration and validation in other WPs in the project.

In order to achieve its objectives, WP4 will consist of the following tasks:

  • Task 4.1 Collection and analysis of pre-existing data
  • Task 4.2 Criteria for EO selection
  • Task 4.3 Connection to ongoing projects
  • Task 4.4 Field campaigns for system validation

Partner 9 will be responsible for coordinating the whole WP4, as well as for sampling sites in Portugal. Partner 2 will have the responsibility of Greek sampling sites, Partner 8 will have the responsibility of Italian sampling sites, and Partner 12 has the responsibility of sampling sites in Brazil. Partner 4 and Partner 11 will collect existing data from the Dutch and Welsh test sites, respectively.