WP7 EODHaM test on different sampling sites and validation

Responsible of whole WP7 is Partner 7 who will be mainly involved in the analysis of Portugal data, providing indicators and maps.

Partner 13 will provide indicators and maps for the Greek sampling site and Partner 12 will provide the same for the Brasilian sites. Partner 6 will analyze data from all the other Italian sites not used for modules development and the Dutch test site. In this WP, the End Users who signed the SLA will be involved in system validation to help the Consortium in verifying how EODHaM system is addressing their reporting needs (e.g. according to Habitat Directive) and getting over the gaps of current reporting. The continuos interaction with Users will provide feed-back to the partners involved in modules development with the aim to optimize the sequence user requirements/ services/ system validation.

  • Task 7.1 Portugal test sites data analysis.
  • Task 7.2 Greek test site data analysis.
  • Task 7.3 Brasil test sites data analysis.
  • Task 7.4 Italian and Dutch test sites data analysis.
  • Task 7.5 System/Service validation.