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The EBONE project is the basis of a cost effective data collection system for biodiversity including extant data, both past and present, at national, regional and European levels. It is the basis for the continued development of a European Biodiversity Observation System and in this way provides a common European basis or reporting on biodiversity, access to indicator data for CBD reporting against the 2010 target.

The system is compatible with and contributes to the GEOSS 10 year implementation plan. EBONE will contribute to the GEOSS tasks EC-09-01 and BI-07-01. (GEOSS 2009-2011 Workplan).

The project has delivered a European contribution to the development of a global biodiversity observation system that is spatially and topically prioritised. It also builds on existing information.

The European Monitoring Approach builds on knowledge developed in recent European research projects and networks such as AlterNet, BioHab, BioPress and EuMon. It assesses  representativeness of sites and integrates existing national monitoring systems. It aims to lead  to a cost effective procedure for biodiversity monitoring.

Products of EBONE are: