Cultivated woody crops (WOC)

Cultivated (CUL).

Crops are mainly the product of plant breeding, but also of native species such as walnut. Wild species collected from semi-natural vegetation are excluded.

Cultivated bare ground (SPA):

Cultivated bare ground (SPA)

Elements with no crops planted or less than 30% cover of vegetation, including volunteers (self-seeded crop plants). Includes therefore only bare fallow or recently ploughed land which otherwise is recorded as a qualifier together with appropriate GHC.

Cultivated herbaceous crop (CRO):

Cultivated herbaceous crop (CRO)

This category includes both annual e.g. barley and sunflowers and perennials, e.g. lucerne and strawberries. Also includes crops that are technically bulbs e.g. daffodils.

Cultivated woody crops (WOC):

Cultivated woody crops (WOC)

This category includes all elements with trees or shrubs, e.g. orchards, vineyards and olive groves. Cover cannot be used as a criterion because of pruning. Therefore the rule is that there should be at least 20 trees/shrubs per ha, otherwise the scattered tree code can be used.