Recording of areal elements

In all cases the field surveyor should make many decisions as possible in the field. All fields of teh recording form must have an entry in order to ensure that subsequent database management can identify that an entry has not been omitted in error.

There is a separate recording format to be used for areal and linear and point elements. The recording form has alpha codes as identification codes that are the same on the map.

The recording form:

  1. The first field is for entry of the General Habitat Category;
  2. The second field is for entry of the global qualifiers and the environmental qualifier;
  3. The third field is for entry of the site qualifiers;
  4. The fourth field is for entry of the management qualifiers;
  5. The fifth field is for entry of the full list of habitats within the GHCs together with the major species and percentages;
  6. The sixth field is for entry of European Habitat classifications, including Annex I habitats for which a key has been developed within EBONE
  7. The seventh field is for entry of Farmed and Non Farmed features, if appropriate;
  8. The eighth field is for entry of regional or local habitat classifications and/or phytosociological associations, where appropriate.