Recording of linear elements

For the recording of linear elements there are three options:

  1. Full details are recorded of linear elements, all GHCs and qualifiers available for areal elements can be used. Codes are to be used in the same way and attached to defined length and width and additional characteristics. The same precedence rules apply to linear elements. This procedure delivers most information especially on biodiversity in agricultural landscapes, but it is also a time consuming procedure especially in small scale agricultural landscapes.
  2. In the second option linear elements are mapped using a predefined list (see below).
  3. In the third option next to the predefined list also the GHC and/or a width code (see global codes) is added.
Lines of trees LTR
Hedges HED
Species Rich Hedge SRH
Lines of scrub LSC
Water edges WAT
Herbaceous strips HST
Grass strips GST
Annual strip ANN
Walls WAL
Banks BAN
Tracks TRA
Roads ROA
Lines of SPV LSV