Citizen science

Engaging citizens in science is critical for a variety of reasons: it can actively connect them to issues that affect their everyday health and the quality of their local environment, it can help them understand how science works, it can empower them to take action, and it can improve science itself.

Citizen Science as active citizenship?

Citizen Science combines the power of active citizenship with the power of science by involving citizens with different backgrounds and interests in the articulation of research questions, the collecting and analyzing of data, and determining action. In doing so they closely work with scientists working in universities and research institutes who want to have impact in society.

Citizen science at Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University & Research has long been involved in a wide range of Citizen Science projects that focus on the monitoring, assessing and addressing of local and regional sustainable development issues around health and well-being, climate change, the quality of air, water and soils, and the conservation and regeneration of biodiversity. This portal provides an overview of current projects, WUR-scientists working with Citizen Science and of resources that can help in establishing successful Citizen Science projects.

Online course about Citizen Science

Take a look at our MOOC Transformative Citizen Science for Sustainability.


Publications about Citizen Science