Green entrepreneurial reintegration practices for residents with mental health problems (COMPLETED)

Since 2015, municipalities are responsible for the reintegration of people with mental health problems. A large part of this group of people doesn't have regular work, which causes them to be far removed from the labor market. Municipalities often struggle with this reintegration-challenge and are looking for interventions. Green IPS-reintegration interventions seem promising. Interesting examples include city farms, community gardens, landscaping, care farms and market gardens. These initiatives differ from each other but also have many similarities. Better insight into the underlying mechanisms of green reintegration is at the heart of this request.

Municipalities involved in this research already work with green professionals and are already running pilot projects. Green professionals often combine reintegration with other objectives such as local food production and improving the quality of the environment. Green professionals agree with the view that the green area contributes to the recovery of people with mental health problems.
Involved municipalities say they need an explicit underpinning of the green reintegration practices, insight into the underlying mechanisms and the effects. They want to learn from the experiences of other municipalities and green professionals. In this project, a network of municipalities, green reintegration practices, clients of reintegration, researchers and experts is set up.

This project is part of 'Vakkundig aan het werk' (= skillfully at work); a research and innovation programme to develop a knowledge programme for municipalities.

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