Grow with the Flow

Water is an important resource for the Agro and Food sector. At the same time, partly due to climate change, the risk of water scarcity has increased. This has major consequences for securing our food supply in the long term. Various parties are involved in the management of water resources and the provision of water. Each from its own discipline and with its own objectives.

The primary objective is to arrive at a joint innovative solution with which a better view can be obtained of water supply and water availability, so that more objective choices can be made by water managers and stakeholders; this better view will enable water managers to steer more efficiently, as well as give their stakeholders insight into the expected amount of water available in the short term. Stakeholders, in turn, can anticipate this by holding on to water in good time. This means that the information must be available to parties at the same level, preferably and where possible in real time. Derived objectives are (not exhaustive):

  • Contribute to more sustainable water consumption
  • Securing the supply of raw materials
  • Higher returns in the agricultural sector
  • Less damage from drought and flooding

The urgency is great. Climate change is contributing to more periods of drought or flooding. It is increasingly important to be able to anticipate this in time, which requires insight.

This objective is in line with the respective business objectives of the parties involved in this cooperation.