This is how green the Netherlands (and the world) can be in 2120

January 22, 2021

The Netherlands is a small country with big challenges. Some climate scenarios predict that parts of the Netherlands need to surrender to the sea, but Wageningen researchers predict another future. In 2120, the Netherlands is an appealing green country for housing, living, and working. That is, if we shape it from a nature-based perspective. This approach is visualized in an animation that shows the potential of nature-based solutions.

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17 researchers have sketched the Netherlands in 100 years as a country in which biodiversity prospers, nature is given free rein, and water has space to flow. Climate and energy neutrality are mainstream, agriculture is sustainable, and cities are green. Nature-based solutions are the core of civilisation and the natural system serves as the foundation for our spatial planning. This nature-based approach – in which nature is not an enemy but the solution to climate and biodiversity challenges – can be applied to any country or region. The researchers invite others to use this principle to develop your own vision of the future.

Climate Adaptation Summit

“On Monday, world leaders will discuss needs for climate adaptation during the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS),” says Tim van Hattum, program leader Green Climate Solutions and projectleader of the map Netherlands 2120. “In words, a hundred years seems far away, but visualizing challenges and solutions suddenly create a sense of urgency, but also positivity. A green and clear vision of the future inspires and creates hope. And that is exactly what we need to boost any action.”

Six sub-areas

The video zooms in on six sub-areas: the sea and coastal areas, clay soils, rivers, peat soils, elevated sandy soils, and green cities. Van Hattum: “We hope that this video will be widely shared and inspires people around the world to start with nature-based solutions today. Imagine what the world could look like.”

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