Turning the Tide

Maintaining economic resilience on Aruba through hands-on restoration and conservation of its marine biodiversity.

The marine environment of Aruba is key to environmental resilience and the tourism economy but the marine park authority needs help to turn the tide of environmental degradation and biodiversity loss.

Cumulative environmental deterioration puts pressure on the economic development of small island developing states (SIDS) and undermines environmental and economic resilience. A 2018 study for Aruba's value of nature concluded that a degraded marine environment will not only suppress its small but valuable local fishery sector but also reduce tourist numbers and ultimately overall welfare by 50%.

About the project

This project will kick-start rehabilitation of Aruba’s spatially-linked coral reefs and mangroves. Project monitoring results will provide key information for evidence-based policy and management decisions, and contribute to a resilient marine environment of benefit to all. The enduring Aruban-Dutch partnership for nature will continue after project finalization in order to achieve lasting project impact.

Partners in the project are Fundación Park National Aruba (FPNA), ScubbleBubbles Foundation, University of Aruba and Wageningen University (Marine Animal Ecology group). Project integration into the management of Parke Marino Aruba (Marine Park Aruba) will help guarantee continuity and lasting impacts.

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