A research facility brimming with innovation

All conceivable questions in the area of quality (control) of produce are studied and answered in this facility. In cooperation with Wageningen researchers, partners in the fruit, vegetable and flower sector are now able to respond even more effectively to the requirements of their customers and minimise post-harvest losses. The facility, with its focus on post-harvest technology and robotics, has an impressive range of innovative equipment and a beautiful plaza companies can hire for demonstrations, workshops and network events.

How do you maintain the quality of apples that will be in storage for a long time? How do you deliver perfectly ripe mangos and avocados all year round? The quality and availability requirements of produce are ever increasing, while at the same time there is a huge amount of global food waste between the moment of harvest and consumption.

One-stop shop for research

Within Phenomea we bring together our expertise in the area of post-harvest technology, robotics & computer vision technologies, storage & shelf life, fresh logistics and packaging. As a result of this, we have created the most versatile research facility in the world for post-harvest technology and robots in the agro-food sector: a one-stop shop where chain partners, authorities and technology suppliers can find answers to all their questions about the quality of fresh vegetables, fruit and cut flowers on both a small and large scale. Curious about the research areas?
Take a look at the infographic or check out the video (right).