Food Safety by Design – automated hazard identification tool

In the Food Safety by Design project, experts from Wageningen University & Research develop a digital tool that provides food producers with fast, organized and comprehensive information to identify potential safety hazards and make well-informed decisions for their products and production processes.

Integrated assessment for food safety

Microbial and chemical contaminants can be a major threat for the safety, stability, and quality of (plant-based) food products. To ensure the highest quality and safety, processes need continuous assessment of possible hazards and control strategies. For example, this is relevant when developing a new product or making changes in the existing products and processes.

Hazard identification tool

The hazard identification tool that will be developed in the project will combine existing data on potential microbiological and chemical hazards in food ingredients with new information on potential hazards relevant for plant-derived side streams. The ingredients in the tool are mostly plant-based, although dairy and eggs are also included. Knowledge rules will be developed to assess the impact of steps in the process, such as heating or storage, on the fate of the relevant hazards. The outcome is a list of microbial and chemical hazards that are potentially relevant for the food product or production process in consideration.

Automated decision support

The overall aim of the Food Safety by Design project is to provide food producers with a data-driven decision support tool, helping them to evaluate product safety. Food business operators can use the tool to (re)design production processes and as input for HACCP.

Let’s connect and innovate together

Wageningen University & Research is actively seeking cooperation with food producers to develop a tool for their specific needs, to validate the tool and make it more applicable. If you are interested to explore what it can bring for your company please contact one of our experts.