Optimising supply chain efficiency of strawberries with a digital twin

Strawberries are delicious fruits, but also highly perishable after harvest. In Europe, an estimated 30% of all strawberries is lost or wasted along the supply chain or at the consumer. By using a digital twin, this project aims to maximise strawberry quality for the consumer, while reducing food losses, (energy) costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Digital twin

The envisioned solution is a digital twin of the strawberry supply chain. This digital twin combines real-time measurements (fruit quality parameters, storage- and transport conditions) with advanced analytics and algorithms to generate predictive insights. A digital twin predicts the effect of interventions before actually implementing them. One example can be to forecast the impact of supply chain temperature on strawberry shelf life.

Quality-controlled logistics

Incorporating a digital twin allows to make informed decisions, adjust operations and allocate resources more effectively. In the end, it makes the supply chain more transparent, facilitates quality-controlled logistics and reduces the risk of food loss in various stages of the supply chain.