Kwaliteitsbeheersing tijdens bewaring en transport

Quality Control during Storage and Transport

The development of the new generation of conditioning and storage systems is focussed on achieving optimum conditions for storage and transport in combination with low energy consumption. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research provides technology companies with insight into the opportunities that existing and new technologies can offer for the storage and transport of perishable products. This enables these companies to make informed decisions during the innovation process.

Energy-efficient conditioning

How much energy does a cooling system use? What are the optimum system settings? What products is it suitable for? Technology companies are working hard to develop energy-efficient conditioning and storage systems to meet the requirements of their customers: food producers, transport companies and retailers. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research provides expertise and access to innovations that can unlock new applications. Technology companies can use these applications to strengthen their IP and market their innovations based on scientifically substantiated data.

Versatile research facility

For over eighty years, WUR experts have been studying how to the measure the quality and extend the shelf life of fresh produce. Their expertise ranges from post-harvest technology and robotics & computer vision techniques, to storage, agricultural distribution and packaging. Their research is carried out in the world’s most versatile research facility for post-harvest technology and agrifood robotics. Any challenge involving the storage and transport of fresh products can be studied here at both the large scale (for example in a climate room that can accommodate a truck) and the small scale (mini climate chambers for studying individual products).

Quality improvement and sustainable conditioning

The goal of the Fresh on Demand project is to improve the quality of fruit and vegetables throughout the entire supply chain. To this end, the experts of WUR work together with the industry to encourage the smart use of data on quality and other aspects generated throughout the supply chain. In the ZoCool! project, they worked together with a number of technology suppliers to develop a control system that uses solar energy to maximum effect to cool fresh produce. With only a limited investment, this system improves the energy efficiency of the cooling process while increasing the cooling capacity and maintaining product quality. Despite the peaks and troughs in the demand for cooling and the supply of solar energy, the cooling system is completely stable.

Want to know more?

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