Reduce the sugar content of your products with the help of Wageningen experts

An improved recipe with less sugar and the same great taste, colour and mouthfeel? You can now reduce the sugar content of your products using the 'WUR sugar reduction strategy'. For this strategy, Wageningen experts drew on years of experience to help the food industry reformulate its products. If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities, please contact Joost Blankestijn.

  • Sugar reduction

Reduction of sugar in food products

The 'WUR sugar reduction strategy' is based on the results of years of research on the role of sugar in food products. This approach can be used to calculate a wide range of suitable sugar substitutes without the need for extensive practical testing, which saves both time and money. Would you like to know how this approach can help you? Download the white paper or contact us.

Download the white paper: 'WUR sugar reduction strategy'

Reduce the sugar content of your products using the approach developed by Wageningen experts. Download the whitepaper for:

  • Insight into the challenges involved in reducing sugar in foods;
  • Explanation of the 'WUR sugar reduction strategy', including a step-by-step plan and practical cases;
  • Frequently asked questions about sugar reduction.