sustainable packaging for fresh and perishable food

For the food industry: sustainable packaging solutions

Finding sustainable packaging for fresh and perishable food is a major challenge. Which packaging material ensures that products remain shelf-stable and safe while also offering good end-of-life options and affordability? Wageningen University & Research supports companies in the transition from plastic to alternative packaging concepts by making the above-mentioned challenges quantifiable. This allows you to decide which packaging is the most suitable for all of the aspects that are important for your product and your company.

From alternative materials to sustainable chains

Looking for alternative materials for food packaging that can be recycled or composted better? Or are you curious about the quality of recycled plastic and its applications? The experts in Wageningen, together with the packaging and processing industry, are developing new materials that meet your specific needs. You get an overview of existing and alternative materials and of which materials are most suitable to sustainably package your food product.

Through its applied research, Wageningen University & Research also offers support in creating or recreating food chains. Packaging for food is needed to distribute it safely and without loss. Environmental pressure can be reduced by looking in conjunction at packaging material, food chains, the relation between packaging and food loss and current conditioning technologies.

Actual research

Curious about how research contributes to specific packaging issues? A number of projects, such as Wrap or Waste, study alternatives to fossil plastics for a sustainable solution. In the project Fresh on Demand we are working on the scalability of a dynamic packaging made from biobased foil that is able to adapt to the prevailing environmental conditions.

Working on a sustainable food chain

Would you like more information about the most sustainable packaging possibilities at the moment? Or would you like to work with partners on a sustainable food chain? Feel free to contact us.