Mission and strategy

The mission of Wageningen Food Safety Research: safe and reliable food for everyone.

Strategic ambitions

Wageningen Food Safety Research strives to be a top institute in its field. We believe that continuous development of human capital constitutes the basis for quality and success. We strive to:

  • have a clear, (inter)nationally recognisable position, by carrying out high quality multidisciplinary research for safe and reliable food and by having a pro-active strategic external policy.
  • be recognised as a leading institute in our field, by belonging to the top five national reference laboratories in Europe.
  • focus on the core areas that are present in Wageningen Food Safety Research’s structure, method development, measuring, risk assessment and risk consultancy.
  • improve the integration of Wageningen Food Safety Research tasks within Wageningen University & Research.
  • increase the synergy between different Wageningen Food Safety Research activities