Process and appeals


  • Wageningen Food Safety Research plans the proficiency testing scheme and gives prior notice on the website.
  • Previous participants will also be invited
  • Interested laboratories register and order online
  • If you want your personal information removed from the webaplication, please e-mail to

Preparation and distribution

  • Preparation and quality control testing of test materials
  • Despatch of test materials and instructions to participants
  • The preparation of the proficiency test materials can from time to time be subcontracted. When subcontracting occurs, it is placed with a competent subcontractor and Wageningen Food Safety Research is responsible for this work


  • Laboratories test the samples using the laboratory’s own routine method
  • Report of their results online to Wageningen Food Safety Research as instructed and within the specified deadline (usually within 6-7 weeks). The Wageningen Food Safety Research electronic reporting website offers a fast, simple and efficient way of submitting results.


  • Results are analysed and the performance of laboratories assessed using appropriate statistical techniques
  • Report is produced, including anonymised results, statistical analysis and evaluation of used method
  • The report is issued/sent to the participants as soon as possible after the round closure.
    View a report of Wageningen Food Safety Research.


If a laboratory has any doubts about the evaluation of their performance in a proficiency test, he should contact in the first instance. After investigation of this doubt, the laboratory will be informed on the outcome.