Environmental analyses

Environmental analysis

Wageningen Food Safety Research is able to demonstrate the presence of contaminants in our water, soil and manure. We conduct the identification and quantification of these substances using validated methods of chemical analysis.


Various contaminants that have been introduced by industry, agriculture and households are present in water, soil and manure. In this regard, consider chemical substances, such as pesticides/herbicides/fungicides, (animal) medications, hormones, fire-retardants, residues from drugs laboratories etc.


Wageningen Food Safety Research is an independent research institute that is part of Wageningen University & Research. We have in house the knowledge and expertise to show the presence of contaminants at extremely low concentrations.

Analysis techniques

The analysis techniques that we use to demonstrate the presence of substances in water, soil and manure include: GC-ECD, PTV-GC-MS, GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS.

The substance categories that Wageningen Food Safety Research is able to analyse are listed below:

  • animal medications
  • pesticides
  • anti-parasite agents
  • hormones
  • perfluorinated compounds
  • fycotoxines
  • opiaten
  • nanoparticles