Food's fingerprint reveals many secrets

Are those organic eggs truly organic? Does this olive-oil really originates from Tuscany? Wageningen Food Safety Research can prove it with labaratory research.

  • The differences between organic and customary egg
    Close examinations of the composition of egg yolk reveal the distinctions between egg production systems. This enables Wageningen Food Safety Research to establish whether eggs are or are not organic. View additional info
  • Scanning food's fingerprint
    Wageningen Food Safety Research is currently carrying out research on various portable instruments that can measure the composition of products within seconds – even through the packaging.
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  • Bananas from Costa Rica
    Wageningen Food Safety Research provided on-site assistance in the collection of bananas to guarantee their authenticity, learn about the local production conditions and arrange for the rapid and appropriate import of the bananas into the Netherlands.
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  • Marzipan made from pure almonds
    Wageningen Food Safety Research can carry out DNA analyses and use advanced protein identification techniques to determine whether marzipan is made from pure almonds or also contains other nuts or beans.
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