Start EU project HOLFiOOD

Published on
December 7, 2022

In October 2022 a new Horizon Europe project “HOLiFOOD” has started. This project is coordinated by Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR).

Improve food safety risk analysis

HOLiFOOD “Holistic approach for tackling food systems risks in a changing global environment” is a four year project (2022-2026) in which WFSR together with 16 other partners from 11 different EU countries will aim to improve the integrated food safety risk analysis (RA) framework in Europe to:

  • meet future challenges arising from Green Deal policy driven transitions in relation to climate driven changes
  • contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and
  • support the realization of a truly secure and sustainable food production

System approach supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data

HOLiFOOD will apply a system approach supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data technologies to integrate data from the whole environment in which food is being produced, including economic, environmental and social factors. Three supply chains will be considered (i.e., cereals [maize], legumes [lentils] and poultry [chicken]).