Feed4Foodure: Fast measurement techniques

Nutrient efficiency plays an important role for future livestock farming. For better insight in nutrient efficiency, fast measurement techniques are needed. In this Feed4Foodure project an inventory will be made of emerging measurement techniques with potential benefits for animal husbandry.


The purpose of the Feed4Foodure project “Fast measurement techniques” is to make an inventory of emerging measurement techniques that have a potential application in animal husbandry for the improvement of nutrient efficiency in livestock. This inventory of promising techniques takes place not only in the agricultural domain but also outside: in greenhouse horticulture, human nutrition and health, in nanotechnology, etcetera. Not only measurement techniques for specific nutrient utilization parameters are evaluated: animal behaviour and animal health are also important factors to measure regarding nutrient efficiency.

You can also contribute to our quest for fast measurement techniques! Do you have an idea for a method to measure nutrient efficiency or animal health, please leave your idea here.

NOTE: Among all entries we will randomly select a winner who will receive a ticket worth €195 for the upcoming International Dairy Nutrition Symposium on 21 November 2013 or for the International Pig and Poultry Nutrition Symposium that is planned for spring 2014!