International Symposium on Dairy Cattle Nutrition 2023: Feed efficiency in dairy cattle

Feed efficiency is a critical topic in the dairy sector, as it directly impacts the reduction of nutrient losses and plays a significant role in the economics of dairy management. In recent times, the importance of feed efficiency has further amplified due to the pressure to reduce methane emissions, nitrogen losses, and to cope with fluctuating feed and milk prices. It is a challenge to further optimize efficiency and minimize emissions for a sustainable dairy sector while ensuring the well-being of both cows and farmers.

Organised by Wageningen Livestock Research

Tue 10 October 2023

Venue Omnia

This year the International Dairy Nutrition Symposium 2023 will be organised in Omnia at Wageningen Campus, The Netherlands on Tuesday 10 October 2023. Experts from the Netherlands and abroad will present their vision on different aspects of sustainability in the dairy sector.

Representatives from feed, feed additive and dairy industry, knowledge institutes and governmental organisations as well as veterinarians, students and others who are interested are welcome to attend the 2023 symposium!


09:00-09:15 Ernst van den Ende Managing Director Animal Sciences Group, Wageningen UR Welcome and opening
09:15-10:15 Prof. Michael VandeHaar Michigan State University Diet effects on feed intake and partitioning
10:15-10:45 Dr. Cindy Klootwijk Wageningen Livestock Research Grassland and grazing efficiency
Coffee break
11:15-12:00 Dr. Ilkyu Yoon Diamond V Rumen health and feed efficiency
12:00-12:45 Dr. Daryl Kleinschmit Zinpro On-farm management of data for improving feed efficiency
Lunch break
13:45-14:15 Dr. Harmen van Laar Wageningen Livestock Research Feed and nitrogen efficiency in dairy cows: friends or competitors?
14:15-15:00 Loay Abiad ARTAT Enterprise Feed management and strategic planning for cost effective dairy production systems
15:15-15:45 Summary + discussion
Closing drinks


Omnia – Wageningen Campus building 105

Hoge Steeg 2 6708 PH Wageningen, The Netherlands

Phone +31 317 484 500

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NOTE: the parking area (P1) is at ~10 minutes walking distance!

Key speakers

Mike Vandehaar – Michigan State University

Prof. Mike Vandehaar is a renowned expert in dairy cattle nutrition and physiology. His recent projects include developing genomic and management tools to improve feed efficiency, discovering better strategies to feed cows according to their needs and developing practical ration balancing tools.

Ilkyu Yoon – Diamond V

Dr. Ilkyu Yoon and is an expert in the functionality of feed additives to support rumen fermentation. He holds a PhD in dairy nutrition from the University of Minnesota and is now part of Diamond V as director of global ruminant research and technical support.

Daryl Kleinschmit – Zinpro

Dr. Daryl Kleinschmit earned his doctoral degree from South Dakota University and is an experienced dairy nutritionist and roughage management expert. Since 2013 he is dairy research nutritionist at Zinpro, overseeing the dairy research projects and providing technical support.

Loay Abiad – ARTAT Enterprise

Loay Abiad holds an MBA from te University of Illinois and is an experienced dairy consultant for large (over 35,000 cow) herds across Saudi, UAE, Jordan and Lebanon. His focus lies in feed management and strategic planning for cost effective dairy production systems.

Cindy Klootwijk – Wageningen Livestock Research

Dr. Cindy Klootwijk holds a PhD in sustainable grazing and continued her research career in the field of grass utilization and grazing. Her current projects are focused on the contribution of grazing in sustainable dairy production, including methane emissions and nutrient efficiency.

Harmen van Laar – Wageningen Livestock Research

Dr. Harmen van Laar is an experienced researcher in the field of feed evaluation and protein nutrition in ruminants. He is involved in various projects related to improving nitrogen use efficiency and reducing ammonia emissions, both in experimental research as well as on dairy farms in practice.


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