What is the latest in manure processing?

Published on
October 14, 2020

The Sino Dutch Dairy Development Centre (SDDDC) is a cooperation between the Netherlands and China and undertakes activities that contribute to improve the dairy chain in China based on a ‘Grass to Glass’ chain approach with both focus on the upstream and downstream side of the dairy chain.

The Chinese dairy sector produces around 37 billion kg of milk each year, which is roughly 2,5 times the total milk production of the Netherlands. Dairy farms in China range from small household farms to farms with over 20.000 dairy cows. While SDDDC started in 2013 with food safety, nowadays environmental issues and sustainability are key issues in the Chinese dairy sector. That is why we developed a brochure with expert knowledge of the current state of the art in manure processing. The brochure will be distributed in the SDDDC network and is available for download.


All SDDDC activities focus on sharing Dutch dairy expertise with Chinese experts and decision makers. These activities focus on research and innovation, cultivating academic talent, training courses and field visits and stakeholder engagement by seminars and webinars. More on SDDDC can be found on