Big data, precision agriculture and robotics in livestock farming

Wageningen Livestock Research studies the possibilities of applying big data, precision agriculture and robotics in livestock farming. In collaboration with business partners, governments and livestock farmers, we work on new technological applications that can contribute to further knowledge, data and tools in the livestock sector.

  • Research into big data, precision agriculture and robotics in livestock farming

We are eager to collaborate with you on:

  • Smart farming and precision agriculture
  • Development of robotics
  • The use of big data

Putting innovations to work for livestock farming

The Netherlands is a global leader in the field of innovation and expertise within the livestock domain. New developments are a part of this expertise. We address the following research questions to bring added value to innovations within our sector:

  • What new technologies for generating data are becoming available?
  • How can we use artificial intelligence to extract relevant information from the vast amounts of data?
  • How can we translate the collected information into usable systems within the livestock sector?
Smart farming, big data en robotica

Implementing technological developments

Aligning and applying the latest technological applications in the area of precision agriculture, big data and robotics gives rise to questions. Wageningen Livestock Research is eager to help you find solutions.

Domains of our integrated and applied scientific research

We have specific expertise in the area of livestock systems, such as grassland management and animal behaviour at individual and herd level. We also have experience in storage, linking and analysis of large amounts of data from different sources, and insights into the latest innovations in robotics and precision agriculture in livestock farming. By combining this expertise, we can join the business community, governments and sector in taking strides towards the development and implementation of these technologies in livestock farming.

Curious what research on new technological developments could mean for you? Contact:

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Sustainable and profitable livestock farming

Wageningen Livestock Research continuously develops its expertise and applies it toward sustainable and profitable livestock farming.

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Our partners

We conduct research for the agricultural sector, suppliers, food companies, sector organisations, governments, other knowledge institutes and civic organisations across the globe.