EU is boosting the development of seaweed cultivation systems with GENIALG

The EU project GENIALG brings together pioneering companies in large-scale integrated European biorefineries and experts in seaweed cultivation, genetics and metabolomics to boost the seaweed industry.

The project combines available knowledge in seaweed biotechnology with reliable eco-friendly tools and methods to scale up current small cultivation seaweed operations. Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is contributing to this project by investigating the technical and economic feasibility of producing large and sustainable volumes of high-quality Saccharina latissima (also known as sugar kelp) and Ulva spp. (often called sea lettuce) seaweed biomass. This will be demonstrated in several European regions, to capitalize on the commercial potential of nutrient rich seaweed compounds.


To boost the European Blue Economy by designing high-yielding seaweed cultivation systems. GENIALG aims to increase the production and sustainable exploitation of two high biomass yielding species of European seaweed: the brown alga S. latissima and the green seaweed U. rigida.


The GENIALG cross-sectoral partnership supports an integrated and sustainable approach by:

Expected results and impact

The GENIALG cross-sectoral partnership hopes to accomplish the following: