Fulmar book Faroe Islands

Published on
June 8, 2012

Jens-Kjeld Jensen wrote a remarkable book on the Northern Fulmar at the Faroe Islands. IMARES contributed a chapter on the plastics in their stomachs.


 On the Faroe Islands, Fulmars are still captured for human consumption. As such type of utilization is likely to gradually disappear, Jens-Kjeld Jensen decided to preserve the knowledge on this bird and the local culture surrounding it in a book.

Earlier he published a similar work on the Puffin. The book is written in Danish, but largely based on pictures. All chapters come with abstracts and figure captions also in English. Obviously, plastics in stomachs of Fulmars are of concern at the Faroes. A separate chapter on this issue could be contributed from the IMARES research (in English, with Danish abstract and captions).

For purchasing the book (300 DKr) visit Ritograk or e-mail