Machiel Lamers explains his new book: Antarctic Futures

Published on
May 12, 2014

The book "Antarctic Futures: Human Engagement with the Antarctic Environment", brings together cutting-edge research of leading environmental science and management researchers worldwide of human activities in Antarctic, with a unique focus on the future.

The book "Antarctic Futures: Human Engagement with the Antarctic Environment" discusses concerns for the sensitive environments and ecosystems of Antarctica and looks ahead to the state of the continent as it might be in 2060. At the beginning of the 21st century, Antarctica stands at the edge of a warmer and busier world. The editors have gathered leading researchers to examine the challenges of Antarctic environmental governance, and to address such important questions as: What future will Business-As-Usual bring to the Antarctic environment? Will a Business-As-Usual future be compatible with the objectives set out under the Antarctic Treaty, especially its Protocol on Environmental Protection? What actions are necessary to bring about alternative futures for the next 50 years?

See what co-editor Machiel Lamers has to say about the future of this vulnerable region.

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