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Penguins give underwater show in front of ice net in Antarctic

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September 26, 2013

The researchers on an expedition to Antarctica attached a camera to the underwater ice net, the SUIT (Surface and Under Ice Trawl). Three Emperor Penguins provided a spectacular show in front of the camera.

Photo: The three Emperor Penguins were playing in front of the SUIT

The SUIT perspective

In our previous post we showed our work with the SUIT as seen from the ship Polarstern. With a camera inside the frame, we can now show you the the same thing, but from the SUIT's perspective. Enjoy!

Frightening beauty

The SUIT frame was lifted into the water along the slipway at the stern of Polarstern. Once the net sheared out of the troubled water behind the ship, we could see what was ahead of us. A magnificent yet frightening under-ice-world where the SUIT would need to find its way, bumping and bouncing.

Emperor Penguin show

As Polarstern was stationary for research diving under sea ice over a number of days, we deployed the SUIT in the open patch of water behind the ship. One of the propellers was slowly turning and produced a calm and steady flow of water through the net. This allowed us to also catch fragile marine organisms, such as jellyfish, in a good condition. Whilst we were watching the net, three Emperor Penguins provided a spectacular show. Camera!

Jan Andries van Franeker

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