Porpoise Advisory Committee

The 2011 harbour porpoise conservation plan recommends the establishment of a national scientific guidance committee to qualitatively assess research needs, research proposals and reports. Now that intensive research on the harbour porpoise has been going on for a number of years, and all kinds of developments concerning offshore wind energy are taking place, it is time to establish such a committee.

One of the Dutch obligations under ASCOBANS is to set up a porpoise protection plan. Since 2011, the knowledge gaps in the plan have been filled by carrying out research on porpoises.

One of the recommendations of the plan is to establish an independent scientific advisory committee for the porpoise conservation plan. State Secretary Bleeker promised this to the Second Chamber in 2012, and this promise was subsequently repeated by State Secretary Dijksma.

The aim of the committee is to give scientific advice on current and future porpoise research. The aim of this project is to set up and facilitate this Committee.