Research plastic litter in Dutch TV programmes for the youth

In early April, Dutch national television highlighted the problem of marine plastic litter in several of its programs for the youth. This is so important because without support from young people we cannot change the future! The IMARES fulmar studies appeared in two of the programs.

‘Het Klokhuis’  (‘The Apple Core’)

Het Klokhuis is a famous Dutch youth program on national TV which raises knowledge and awarenes in mixes of satirical and funny sketches with solid but transparent information. Klokhuis made five daily shows on the plastic issue, and the third one about ‘Plastics & Sea Life’ contained a short fragment of the seabird work at IMARES (at ± 13:15 minutes into the program, in Dutch).

Z@pp Your Planet

In this television youth program, competitive games surround more serious topics. In one of the shows, explanations of plastics to seabirds were showed by use of our IMARES Fulmar display. This travelling display cabinet was constructed about 10 years ago during the European ‘Save the North Sea’ project. It was built by Poul-Lindhard Hansen of the Natural History Museum in Skagen, Denmark and is still of great use in the project. After about 12:20 minutes the Fulmar research is being explained (in Dutch).