Waarom een goed functionerende delta nodig is

Why we need a properly functioning delta

With its rivers, lakes, creeks and canals, the Dutch delta is naturally rich in fish. For many migratory fish, our country is the port of entry into Europe. An ecologically healthy and adequately functioning delta has a rich fish population. It is of great value to sports fishers and professional fishers.

Freshwater is also crucial for shipping, agriculture, the drinking water supply and leisure. Moreover, water management is essential to our safety. All these ecosystem functions place their own desires and demands on the control, interventions and room for natural processes.

Our applied research on freshwater fish

Wageningen Marine Research's applied research is focused on issues such as:

  • What is the status of fish stock in the Dutch waters?
  • What changes can we detect in how fish use our inland waters, and in what life stages are they using which environment?
  • What do fish require to thrive in our waters?
  • How do fish respond to migration barriers, and how can bottlenecks be released?
  • What is the status of the commercial fish populations? How can we fish sustainably in our inland waters so that fishers can fish profitably while our fish stocks remain within biologically healthy boundaries and allowing birds to find sufficient food?

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