Imspector for mobile measurement of crop characteristics

Various methods, based on measurement of crop characteristics, can be used in projects aimed at restricting nutrient losses or crop-dependent application of crop protection products.

PRI aims at the development of new high-resolution sensing techniques for non-destructive on-line measurement of crop characteristics.

The application of stationary and mobile sensor technology is based on a complex optical system that separates light passing the unit into wavelengths. Wavelength-separated light is projected on the CCD of a camera after which the obtained data are analyzed. The system can determine characteristics down to a tenth square millimetre of the measured surface. When monitoring grassland fields in grazing experiments, e.g., biomass, sward quality (soil cover), N status, moisture status, feeding quality, clover percentage, grass/clover condition are investigated. The mobile version is fitted with GPS which enables fast and accurate handling, at the correct coordinates, on the basis of the measured values.

Making complex optical systems suitable for measurement of crop characteristics requires very specific expertise. We have the knowledge and expertise to make these techniques suitable for mobile and stationary application. We also have available specific knowledge for interpreting and unlocking the obtained data.