diagnose bijenziekten

Diagnosis and bee health working groups

There are many factors that can influence the health of bee colonies, including diseases, diet and the beekeeping itself. Working groups actively support beekeepers locally in seven provinces in the Netherlands with advice and assistance for the health of their bee colonies.

These working groups can help you as a Dutch beekeeper to make a diagnosis in the event of bee mortality or breed mortality, but they often do more than just this.

Below, you can find the most frequently asked questions.

How do I know if a bee colony is suffering from a disease or something else?

It’s not always easy to determine if a bee colony is suffering from something. Sometimes clear symptoms are visible, but sometimes they’re not. Dozens of dead bees by the hive does not have to be disconcerting.

Please contact the coordinator of the relevant working group if there is one operating in your province in The Netherlands. You can find the contact information under the header ‘Is there a working group operating in my region?’ It’s not always necessary to send off a bee sample. Consult with the contact person to decide what your next best steps are.

I suspect that my bees have died because of spraying damage. What should I do?

If a large number of bees die suddenly or brood mortality occurs over a short period of time, there is a chance that this is due to spraying damage as a result of exposure to pesticides.

If you, as a Dutch beekeeper, suspect spraying damage, please contact the NVWA via: NVWA.nl or call: 0900-03 88 (local rate)

Is there a working group operating in my region in The Netherlands?

You can find contact details for the working groups currently operating across the country in the list below.

Regional working groups in The Netherlands
Drenthe en Groningen Dhr. J.E. Dees, T: 0592-272383 @:jedees@hetnet.nl
Limburg Roel Paauwe, T: 06-52093830 @: roelpaauwe@gmail.com
Regio Salland www.bijengezondheidsalland.nl
Zeeland Dhr. M. Schoonen, T: 0164-612768 @: m.p.m.schoonen@hccnet.nl
Zuid-Holland Bijengezondheidsteam Zuid-Holland
Noord-Holland Mevr. van Diessen T: 0223-660395 or 0657363422 @: rrdvandiessen@gmail.com
Team Oost Erwin Lankheet (omgeving Twente), T: 06 13587762 @: erwin@lankheet.eu & Jan Luesink (omgeving Achterhoek), T:06 13954927, @: jan@dehoningraat.bio
Noord-Brabant Joke van Gils, T: 06 526 255 16 @: joke.vangils@home.nl
Veluwe Zuid Erwin Prins, 06-26768644 @: e.prins2023@gmail.com

There is no working group operating in my region in The Netherlands. Who can I contact with my questions?

In this case, please e-mail bijen@wur.nl. In consultation, we can then determine what actions you could take and where you could send a sample to if necessary.


No rights can be derived from the outcome of the diagnoses. Bijen@wur can use submitted materials for research. Personal details of the beekeeper are made anonymous in such cases.