Research Methodology for Interdisciplinary Research

Research methodologists of Wageningen University & Research study and develop study designs, research methods and measurement instruments particularly for human-related research projects, whether they involve a quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods approach. We are especially interested in methodology for interdisciplinary research, that is the methodology of research involving sciences that may have different scientific cultures such as the beta sciences and the social sciences.

Interdisciplinary research

Methodological issues in interdisciplinary research range from the operationalization of complex constructs (to make constructs like resilience and sustainability measureable) to the assessment of data quality, and from professional norms and ethics to the synthesis of different research components and the enhancement of transparency in scientific reports.

Education in research methodology

Biometris offers research methodology education to students, researchers, companies and governmental organizations. The research methods and techniques dealt with in the research methodology courses cover both quantitative and qualitative approaches in social and environmental scientific research. The participants have different disciplinary backgrounds, varying from technical studies to economics and sociological disciplines.


We have (had) projects with researchers from consumer sciences, landscape architecture, sociology, development studies, medicine and many more.

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