Canoco 5.11 released

Published on
October 29, 2018

Canoco 5.11 is an update of Canoco 5.10, also known as Canoco 5.1. This update adds to Canoco contributions of response variables (e.g. species) to axes and contribution biplots. It also has extended ‘Describe contents’ for biplots and triplots as a help to their interpretation and many other small improvements.

Contribution biplots (Greenacre 2013a,b) are a solution to the issue that rare species are seemingly important as they typically appear at the margins of ordination diagrams, but are in fact not important at all. Contributions complement the fit statistics in Canoco.

Among the smaller improvements are the fit statistics in double constrained ordination and co-correspondence analysis and a handy overview of the most important changes since the Canoco 5 manual (see details).


Greenacre, M. J. 2013a. The contributions of rare objects in correspondence analysis. Ecology 94: 241–249.

Greenacre, M. 2013b. Contribution Biplots. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 22: 107-122.